Friday, 13 August 2010

Drinking Plenty of Water

Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu.
Water is essential for every living organism and is great for the human body. Without going into much detail about water, I would like to share something very useful for all those Muslims, New-Muslims and Non-Muslims who are fasting in this month of Ramadan. Some of us feel very thirsty in the morning. Half way through the day we sometimes dont have the energy to work or motivate ourselves and can feel the body dehydrate very fast, with our mouths becoming dry and sticky. Generally in our normal day to day life we drink enough water to last us a few hours, but now that Ramadan is here we tend to forget that the water we drink in the morning is to last us not only a few hours but for anything upto 16 hours without food or drink up until the time comes for us to break our fasts.

Well I just may have the solution! Now that Ramadan has fallen in the summer season, it is more important that we drink plenty of water, yes thats right by drinking plenty of water before going to bed during your early morning meal (Suhoor) really does help!

The trick is, after your morning meal before your fast is about to begin drink plenty of water until you think your about full. Now this is where you drink an extra cup of water - dont worry an extra cup wont hurt! But remember not to drink too much to a point that it will make you feel sick or throw up, as otherwise it may dilute the food you have just eaten. Always drink enough water, remember the water you drink - is the water that is going to last you a whole day and not just for a few hours.

Believe me you will not regret it, as not only will it support you throughout the day but it is also good for your brain and body during Ramadan.