Saturday, 14 August 2010

Self Less Do More

Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh (May the peace, mercy, and blessings of Allah be with you)

The first weekend of Ramadan is here and I already feel helpless and I still have this thumping headache!

Today I have been invited to a few break-fast engagements with family as is custom, with friends in Maroush a restaurant on Edgware Rd as well as in a congregation in my local masjid, who set up huge dinners every weekend for everyone especially, for those who are forced to spend Ramadan alone.

I knew what I wanted to do but it was nice that I had so many options, I have been breaking my fast at home for the past three days and I can see how much it means to Amma (mother), even though I really cannot bare to sample every single food that is on the table and be told of its nutritious values on my ‘lacklustre’ life , but I really do appreciate Amma going to all the effort in making it so special

Since waking up I have been bombarded with personal and chain emails mainly to do with renewed efforts people are making this Ramadan as well as urgent appeals for the situation in Pakistan. I received a call from one of my friends who was working with a charity who were actively fundraising he asked me to join them in the call room and help the effort in raising as much money as possible for some of the unfortunate people effected in Pakistan. After a long chat I decided that It was difficult for me to make it down in time and as I was fasting It would be too burdensome on me to be so active as I have had a bad headache since yesterday, which isn’t normal for me as it is.

I sat alone for a while subconsciously reflecting on the events discussed in the phone call as well as thoughts of some of the recent historical articles I have been amercing myself in regarding the invasion of Bangladesh by Pakistan where by more than three million Bangladeshis’ were killed, I guess that my compassion towards Pakistan was at a low given the recent media coverage on President Zardari and his corrupt regime that has hijacked the image that  Pakistan should symbolize within the Islamic Ummah, not to mention what the Taliban do in the name of peace and stability in Pakistan. I decided to visit a few websites to see how badly affected the people of Pakistan were and to my horror I discovered that the tally had now reached 14 million people, displaced and homeless, not to mention the number of lives that will continue to be lost as the devastation continues.

Maybe it’s because it is the month of Ramadan but at that moment I felt an emotional pull towards these people and their plight as I saw some of the images, it sent shivers down my spine. No longer did the lack of empathy that I once had any bearing on me today, at the end of the day these were human beings!

It is sad to think how we in the west can be so disconnected if we choose to be, being labelled as an ignorant society that lacks the impetus to champion humanitarian aid as if it were a burden. So today I have a new found respect for those brothers and sister who donate their money, food, work and mostly their time and efforts! May Allah reward them.
I need to stop being selfish & I need to get on the phones! 
0370 60 60 900
please help Pakistan!

I wanted to share something nice with before I leave, every time I break my fast my mum knows how much I love tea and there on the table would be a warm tea as soon as I am ready to eat. Now what freaks me out is how perfectly warm the tea is every time. I would bet my life it’s there now my ever-warm tea! Now that’s real love.

Thank you for taking the time to digest some of me ramblings, there is one thing you will find here and that is frankness and honesty, and due to the month of Ramadan my usual bluntness will subside for a short period but will return with a vengeance!