Saturday, 1 January 2011


Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu.

The 2011 milestone has just been reached and another year has passed us by, may All Mighty God grant us prosperity and the ability to see another new year.

Given the importance of self improvement in Islam,  I felt an appropriate time to discuss ways we can use this period effectively by joining with our brother and sisters of humanity, we can better ourselves and the societies we live in collectively.

It has become a traditional practice to set a 'new years resolutions' for personal improvement during the coming year. These goals can prove to be a powerful way to help you direct your future, however, there is no concept of “New Year Resolutions” within the Islamic teachings. Moreover, as Muslims we should be constantly assessing our own situation, rather than waiting  for a designated time to perform such sincere acts.

The process of making resolutions is about you paying attention to yourself. If you don’t set yourself goals, how can you move forward. Resolutions tend to be steps that help you toward your goals while still maintaining the daily chores of life; resolutions mainly improve your behavioral impacts on other people ; most importantly as a believer, resolutions are about your relationship with your Creator and how you will strengthen that relationship.

So readers, I encourage you all to take time and analyze where you stand and where you want to be. I pray we do not become victims of procrastination and of undesirable habits. We must realize that it is only we who can help ourselves.

why not take the initiative – know yourself better and invest in a pursuit of personal transformation that can help you, your families and the world around you; Because if 
YOU do not make the efforts, All Mighty God will not help you. 

"This is so because Allah does not change the favour that He has conferred upon a people, until they change themselves; and verily Allah Hears, Knows."
Surah Al Anfâl - Spoils Of War – Verse 53.