Friday, 27 May 2011

Sufi Mystics

The Beauty of Oneness
 Any eye filled with the vision of this world
cannot see the attributes of the Hereafter,
Any eye filled with the attributes of the Hereafter
would be deprived of the Beauty of (Divine) Oneness.

- Sheikh Ansari

Kashf al_Asrar, Vol. 7, p. 511
translated by A.G. Farhadi

Monday, 16 May 2011

True Love!

At the time of the prophet, May the peace & blessings of Al Mighty God be upon him, a man came to the prophet named Sa’ad Al Aswad AlSulumi and asked him,

“Oh, messenger of Al Mighty God, will I also enter into heaven?”
The messenger responded, “Of course you will enter into heaven if you are a believer.”
Sa’ad responded, “But me, I’m regarded as low amongst the believers.”
The prophet said, “Oh Sa’ad for you is the same reward as the rest of the believers,”
And Sa’ad asked, “then why would no one give me their daughter to marry.”

The Prophet told him to go to Ibn AlWahab, and he was one of the leaders of Medina who had just embraced Islam, and his daughter was known for her beauty.
The Prophet told Sa’ad go to Ibn AlWahab and tell him that I have sent you to request his daughters hand in marriage.”

Sa’ad went to the home of Ibn AlWahab looking for him. He was beside himself with excitement. He knocked on the door and said to Ibn AlWahab, The Prophet has sent me to request your daughters hand in marriage. Ibn AlWahab exclaimed, “You! To my daughter! Don’t you know my daughter! She’s known for her beauty,” and he told Sa’ad to go home.

As Sa’ad began to walk away, the daughter heard this, and said, “Oh father, wait. Wait! This is a request of the Messenger of Al Mighty God. Where will we be if we turn down a request of the prophet?! Where will we be if we turn away from the concerns of the messenger?! I’ll tell you where we will be. We will be where we are!” And she turned to Sa’ad and said, “Go to the messenger of Al Mighty God, and tell him I am ready to marry you.”

Sa’ad went to the prophet and he was elated! The prophet married them with a  dowry of 400 dirhams. Upon hearing that amount, Sa’ad exclaimed, “400 dirhams! Oh messenger of Al Mighty God, I have never even seen 400 dirhams!

The prophet instructed him to go to Ali AlNu’man ibn Awf and Uthman and tell them each to give you 200 dirhams each. They both gave him more than 200 dirhams. On his way home to see his wife, he decides to stop by the marketplace to buy some gift for his beautiful wife. While at the market place, he hears the call to arms to prepare for battle. Sa’ad stood where he was and looked into the heavens. He said, “Oh Al Mighty God, I will buy something with this wealth that will please you. Oh Al Mighty God.” He bought a sword and a horse and he covered his face from the view of the messenger. He knew that if the prophet saw him he would send him home because he had just gotten married.

The Sahabi were questioning, “Who is this man riding into battle with his face covered?” Ali replied, “He is coming to fight, leave him.” Sa’ad valiantly rode into battle, and eventually his horse was struck. He stood up, and the prophet saw his dark skin. The prophet asked him, “Oh Sa’ad is that you?!” Sa’ad said, “May my mother and my father be sacrificed for you oh messenger of Al Mighty God. It is Sa’ad. Muhammad, May the peace & blessings of Al Mighty God be upon him, said, “Oh Sa’ad there is no other abode for you but heaven!” He heard this and jumped back into the battlefield. After a while, people called that Sa’ad was wounded. The prophet ran into the battlefield. He ran to find Sa’ad. He took the head of Sa’ad and placed it in his lap.

The tears of the beloved Prophet of Islam were flowing and falling onto the face of Sa’ad. The prophet was crying profusely. After a while, he started to smile, then he looked away. There was a sahaba named Abu Lubaba, who said “Oh Rasullulah, I saw you do something, I’ve never seen you do before. First you cried, then you smiled, and then you looked away.” The Messenger said, “I cried because my beloved companion passed away. And I saw his sacrifice and his love for me. But when I saw his fate is by Al Mighty God, he had reached the hawd.” Abu Lubaba said, “What is the hawd?” He responded, “it is a fountain from which if a person drinks from, they will never be thirsty again. It is sweeter than honey and whiter than milk. And when I saw his status by Al Mighty God, I began to smile. Then I saw his wives in jannah running towards him with such eagerness that their shins were being exposed, so I looked away.”

Then the prophet came towards the sahaba and asked them to bring Sa’ad’s horse and sword. He then told them to take them to Sa’ad’s wife, and tell her that they were her inheritance. And also inform her that Al Mighty God has given Sa’ad wives in jannah even more beautiful than she is.
This was a man, who a while ago, didn’t know if he would attain jannah. He had no status in society. But look at his status by Al Mighty God! Because he lived- he died- for Al Mighty God.

May Al Mighty God make us all people who live for the sake of Al Mighty God. May Al Mighty God keep us united in this world. May Al Mighty God reunite us all in Al Firdaws (highest abode in heaven).

Saturday, 14 May 2011

Fortress of the Muslim

Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu brothers and sisters! I hope and pray you are all in the best of health & spirit!

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